Friday, November 6, 2020

Crisis Issues (2)


These comics are about Trump’s shameful attempts to discredit the election. Donald Trump has presented no proof of widespread fraud. That is because there is absolutely no evidence of fraud in Tuesday’s election. None. Trump wants to continue the count where it will get him more votes, and he wants to cancel it where he will not get votes. This has nothing to do with fraud, and everything to do with Trump making a desperate play to win the election which is still ongoing.

Who doesn’t like to win? There are not many people I know don’t. Who wouldn’t everything they could to win? Again, I don’t know many people who would not try their hardest to win. Still, this is the United States of America. We are a flawed nation, but we have, in our best moments been a beacon of light to the world. Why? It is because of the values we hold sacred. Values such as liberty, equality, and fairness. The United States has long set an example for the rest of the world on how to successfully put into practice Democratic values.

Among the most sacred institutions within any society of, by, and for the people is the vote itself. This is one area we have long agreed as a society that was sacred. This is one area where it is impermissible to cheat. We must play fairly when it comes to our elections, or else we will cease to be a Democratic state. Donald Trump had a choice between his own personal gain and fulfilling his oath to uphold the constitution. Trump has chosen his personal gain and it is shameful.

More shameful is the fact that many Republican officials are either silent or actively complicit in Trump’s terrible and dangerous lies. This is the moment when the bedrock principles on which the United States was founded are under attack. This is a moment for courage. This is a moment to put the good of the country above personal gain and political gain.

In the past several days, most of the Republican party has shown their utter lack of character and a complete deficit of courage in their failure to take a stand against Donald Trump. Democracy is in danger, and Republicans have left it to die. However this dark period ends, the Donald Trump and the Republican Party are standing on the wrong side of history. Their names and deeds will live forever in infamy.

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