Friday, October 9, 2020

Capacity and Profit


Obviously the above issue deals with Donald Trump having Coronavirus. I have had many discussions with my liberal friends and family about how much or how little we should gloat over the president getting the virus. My stance has generally been that it is bad for the country for our top leadership to be in the epicenter of an outbreak. As much as I detest Trump, I do not wish this terrible illness on anyone. I had planned to release what is going to be issue 484 next week this week. Issue 484 deals with Obamacare and also takes a pro choice stance. My plan was not to mention Trump at all with these updates. As a wannabe satirist I do not really have any obligation to be tasteful, but, seeing that I have savaged Trump for his lack of civility, I was going to refrain from mentioning him at all for now. My mind was swayed when he put at risk his own secret service detail for a photo op. To me, that was beyond the pail and one of the most despicable things Trump has ever done. Moreover, the inability of Trump to quarantine demonstrates perfectly why Trump is unfit for office. It is a flagrant disregard for science. More than that, it is a rejection of reality. My opinion(I have no formal training in psychology) is that Trump is grandstanding about the virus because he is mentally incapable of acknowledging he was wrong or that his mortality was threatened. Trump is incapable of doing that, so he has to brag about how he is a perfect physical specimen. A sizable portion of the country is playing the role of enabler in the delusions of grandeur held by the president instead of providing what he desperately needs: an intervention. Even Donald Trump Jr. can see that his father needs mental help. Trump should be evaluated by a mental health professional. Moreover, Trump fails to understand that he has fared so well against the disease because of his privilege as a wealthy man and as the president of the United States. While we do not know the details of Trumps illness, the evidence we have suggests that it was quite severe. Trump received access to treatments that the average American does not have. Instead of acknowledging that, he purports to be superhuman. I would argue that his access to top medical care likely has as much to do with his recovery as anything else. Particularly given that Trump is not physically fit and his obesity coupled with his age put him in a high risk category. Lastly, I would like to point out that violating quarantine is a criminal act in most jurisdictions. I know in my home state of Missouri, breaking quarantine is a crime that can be prosecuted. It varies from state to state, but in the case of any other person, law enforcement might be empowered to forcibly detain someone who violated their quarantine. They can take no such action with Donald Trump. On paper, our president is not above the law, but in practice it is a very different story. I think we ought to take legal steps to remedy the immense power of the presidency, but regardless, the nature of the position means that office will always be vested with great power. Therefore, we should select only the most responsible people with the greatest moral integrity to that esteemed position. Trump has demonstrated, by failing to abide by basic safety precautions rooted in common sense and empirical evidence, that he lacks any such qualities required by his office. Donald Trump is a vile narcissist who suffers from delusions of grandeur, he has been a disaster for our country, and it is my sincere hope that he loses by a landslide on November 4th.



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