Saturday, January 21, 2017

Filibuster End

(Due to unforeseen circumstances in my life, this comic will move to posting on Fridays at 11 GMT-6, as opposed to on Tuesdays. The change will take place on Friday February 3rd. Due to the change, there will be two posts that week, one on January 31st, and one on February 3rd.)

This is the end of the Trump Filibuster. I will, of course, continue to post comics criticizing him. Most of my comics will in all likelihood be about Trump, but, he won't be my specific target on a permanent basis after this.

This was was of the first strips I wrote after the election, when I was compulsively writing scripts and sending them to Dustin.

Next week the regular schedule for the comic will resume. Then, as noted above, the comic will move to posting on Friday starting on February 3rd.

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