Friday, December 2, 2016

Swamp Report

(Sorry for the lateness of the update, I forget that I do three a week for the time being.)

This issue pokes fun at the Hamilton controversy. It also pokes fun at our own lead time. We have never been that good at being topical, although, at this point, right now, the issue is that Trump is such an all encompassing target, it is hard to chose what to knock him for.

I have certain reservations about releasing a comic which is just making fun of a guy. I actually wrote a comic featuring John Boehner during Rick’s original run. It mocks Boehner for crying and I opted against making it. Still, with Trump, he’s just such a twit about things that I feel obligated to mock him. If you shit all over freedom of speech, I’m going to poke fun at your VP’s resting bitch face.

From a production standpoint, this was a big issue. Not only did I get to make the 3D model of Jimmy, but I got to further experiment with how the costumes in the comic will look. This comic exposed some pitfalls I have to work out in the process. Rick, the Cryptozoologist is much more technically challenging and demanding than Con Nachzehrer.

From a story perspective, this will also mark the beginnings of Lillian showing off her talent. I mentioned that I wanted to do some Feminist strips. Part of that is having stronger female characters, and I thought it would be fun to further develop Lillian as a Cryptozoologist. Rick being hostile to others having ideas is also a dig at myself. I tend to be tyrannical about my writing. Though, I am trying to be better.

I feel like my tyranny strained my friendships with both Dustin and Stephen, and it just isn’t worth it. Besides, they both made very important contributions to our comics when we were collaborating.

The final note is that I changed the credits in this issue. I simply put that the art was made in DAZ Studio. I don’t really create the art so much as manipulate it. I pay for the 3D models I use. I apologize to any of the 3D artists for the previous issues where this wasn’t properly credited. I wasn’t quite sure how to phrase the credit.

Come back Sunday for more of the Trump Filibuster.

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