Friday, December 16, 2016

Swamp Report: Jeff Sessions

Tonight I am continuing with a bit I debuted a few weeks ago called the Swamp Report. These will be focused on an incoming member of the Trump Administration and will post on Thursdays for the duration of the filibuster.

Tonight's is about Jeff Sessions. My main beef with him is detailed in the comic. Sessions hates drugs, which signals to me that he would continue the disastrous War on Drugs rather than the treatment focused approach that we need. He also supports torture, which is dangerous. It further tells me that Sessions will continue the militarization of police and that we should expect him to do little about police brutality.

His past racist comments also alarm, but as Joe Biden said, people do change. I'm willing to give him a chance. Still, those statements, if they reflect Sessions' current thinking are alarming. So too, is Sessions seeming contempt to dissidence.

In short, Jeff Sessions worries me.

Next week on the Swamp Report, will be a report about Rex Tillerson.

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