Wednesday, November 9, 2016

This Sucks...

This is my response to the election of Donald Trump. You can bet that Vociferations will be posted weekly, permanently. I am bitterly disappointed in the outcome of this election. I am disappointed precisely because I believe that this vote was a vote for the America of yesterday and not the America of tomorrow. Despite this, I do respect Trump’s talent in accomplishing his win. As a believer in Democracy, I respect the outcome of elections. This is what the American people wanted, and so be it.

I remind myself that I hold common ground with the President Elect on trade, on certain business matters, infrastructure. I do begrudgingly wish Donald Trump luck because come January he will be my president, and I wish the country to do well.

That said, in a Democratic government, the right to vote is but one right we possess. Included in our rights is the right of free speech, the right to criticize the government and our people. A fundamental aspect of our Democracy in my mind is also a deeply held skepticism of those in authority. I expressed my desire a little over twenty four hours ago to lay criticisms on Hillary Clinton should she win. This isn’t a partisan issue for me. That’s why I also chose to criticize Donald Trump tonight in what is sure to be one of the many times I will criticize him before and during his term in office.

I speak tonight as a member of the minority who does not wish to be oppressed or railroaded by the majority. I would point out that our system was designed to give a voice not only to those who win elections but also to those who lose them.

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