Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Rock the Vote

I decided to post this comic early in order to encourage my fellow citizens in the United States to get out and vote. Consider it also my apology for missing a few updates recently.

(A note, I intend to update another comic next week. Next week I will announce whether or not the once weekly schedule will continue through the Inauguration, or whether Vociferations will return to being biweekly.

I am tempted to continue the weekly schedule regardless of the outcome of the election. If, God forbid, Trump should win, well, I’d want to continue lambasting him. If Clinton wins, I’d like to get back to talking about progressive issues I actually care about. I aim to be more neutral and talk about ideas. I try and criticize both parties. I’d like to return to that mission statement. One of the biggest tragedies of this election is that with Trump, the American people got cheated out of a real conversation about issues.

I was pondering making Vociferations weekly and wanted to use the elections as a pretext to test the idea. I set a very unrealistic schedule with my first Webcomic and never made my deadlines, so I am very cautious with my schedules now. Perhaps too much so. With Con Nachzehrer’s future up in the air, I am more ambivalent about making Vociferations weekly though. Updates to come on the schedule.)

I oppose all attempts to make voting more difficult, and I support measures to make it easier, like automatic registration. Honestly, I think I’m starting to come around to the idea that voting should be mandatory. Either you vote, or you have to do your civic duty by completing community service.

I don’t think politicians would worry so much about turnout(one way or another) if elections were entirely meaningless. I don’t think politicians would gerrymander districts to such an extent if elections didn’t matter. Regardless of your choice, go out and vote. Enjoy that we live in a Republic.

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