Friday, November 18, 2016


(Sorry this is a bit late. I actually had this done Tuesday but did not think of it because I get home from work late on Thursdays. The Thursday update may be more like a early Friday Morning one.)

This is the second update of my Donald Trump Filibuster. I wanted to get this one out early because it gives Trump the nickname I intend to use to refer to him by.

A Jive Turkey is someone who talks a big game but never delivers, so it seems like it fits.

Additionally, because Donald Trump's campaign focused so much on xenophobia, I wanted to highlight the racial aspect of his campaign. I am also saddened by the disillusionment I have seen in minorities since the election. I want to express solidarity and express the fact that I do not agree with Donald Trump's xenophobia.

I also think that it is good that Trump condemns violence against minorities, but I would caution that it isn't enough. He also hired Steve Bannon who makes racist comments. There are also those in Trump's adminstration who brushed aside Bannon's comments by joking, "He can't be that antisemetic, he worked as a banker and in Hollywood."

That strikes me as remarkably tone deaf. That strikes me as a massive red flag. The problem is also how Trump and his advisors don't realize how policies like Stop and Frisk are racist.

Coming back to the premise of the comic, they are all around jive turkeys.

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