Sunday, November 27, 2016

I've found Jesus!

This issue is about both Donald Trump’s immigration policies, and his stance on Muslims. Donald Trump’s appeal to Xenophobia is appalling. It stirs up hate crimes and energizes the Alternative Right, even if Donald Trump is now trying to condemn them.

Xenophobia is completely self defeating. It energizes Muslim extremists, and, for Hispanics, it sows resentment in a growing Demographic. Not to mention that the people Donald Trump are vilifying are just a scapegoat and an easy sounding solution to our problems.

With this, I have criticized almost every major aspect of Trumpism. I still have to criticize Trump’s stance on Climate Change, and trust me, that is coming. I plan to have a comic for every single Donald Trump policy position, and possibly every single crooked person Donald Trump puts in his administration. That is part of the reason I wanted to do the filibuster. Trump’s policies are so bad that they deserve a rebuttal. They deserve one sooner rather than later.

In production notes, doing the Beast of Bodmin Kid was a challenge. I was really worried about creating his character. I am disappointed that it didn’t turn out closer to the way he appears when Dustin draws him. I like the Beast of Bodmin Kid, and I can’t imagine no having him in the comic. Overall, I am happy with how he turned out.

I actually did the Beast of Bodmin Kid before I did Dayton or Lillian just because I was so nervous about creating his look. Like I said though, I am happy with how he turned out. I also feel like doing the Beast of Bodmin Kid was a practice run for doing the other costumes which will appear in the comic. I feel much better about doing those models now that I have done the Beast of Bodmin Kid.

This set is the exterior school from Con Nachzehrer. I figured that it could double as a church. The van is new.

Come back Tuesday for more of the Donald Trump Filibuster.

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