Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Never Trump

Here is another comic bashing Trump. I agree with everything his critics have said about him. Donald Trump is unqualified to be president and he has gone beyond the pale in terms of what he says.

I can't believe Donald Trump is even a contender for the office of President of the United States. Especially after his Russia remark.

I've been an amateur satirist online for eight years and in all that time I've avoided endorsing any candidate. I'm sure my positions make clear who I voted for, and I make no bones about being a liberal. Still, I try to distance myself from the individual candidates to instead focus on ideas.

With Trump though, I am breaking my rule. I am with her. I will vote for Hillary Clinton and even though she is not nearly as progressive as I would like, even though she supports empire, I won't regret it. Hillary Clinton is at least qualified to hold office, and Trump is nothing more than a racist Neo Fascist.

We all need to vote in November and vote against Trump.

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