Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Climate Metal and Apathy

This week's Vociferation deals with Climate Change. Scientists have linked Zika to it, and this astonishes me. Add that to the long list of impacts of Climate Change. It is shocking and unexpected, at least to me, that Zika would arise from Climate Change. It seems like this is just the ominous prelude to even worse crises which will arise should humanity not change it's course.

This is the comic I updated two weeks ago which I never posted about on this blog. It has to do with the Oscars controversy.

For the record, I do think it would be better if the Oscars promoted more diversity, and I am mindful that my own comics have their issues there. Still, it disheartens me to see so much stock placed in industries with so little practical impact on our world while people completely ignore politics.

Often times, if am in a group setting debating a political point, someone will interject that they are not a very political person and laugh about the absurdity of caring about the outcome of elections. It bothers me and I would rather hear people shrug off entertainment controversies in the same manner.

We've seen major studios cave to consumer demand. They've brought back TV shows and changed the tone of movies. To me, that is people power in action. I wish we as a culture could direct some of that energy to our political system which is in desperate need of repair.