Tuesday, January 5, 2016

It makes me roll my eyes to see the Bundys on my Newsfeed again...

For this issue I decided to criticize the white supremacist terrorists who are occupying the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge building. I did this one late and was not sure what to satirize. I was going to go with both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, but Ammon Bundy was too tempting.

I don't like these white supremacist assholes. I think it is astounding the level of delusion they must possess to not realize what it means to stage a peaceful protest. It astounds me that Ammon Bundy can claim to be peaceful when he is making an implicit threat of violence by going into a building armed and occupying it. I sincerely hope there isn't a single judge in the entire country that would allow this kind of defense to hold up in court.

The irony is that many of these militia folks would shoot an armed man for a lot less than these terrorists have done. To me, Ammon Bundy calling himself peaceful is like a man holding a gun to another man's head and robbing him, then claiming he hasn't threatening to shoot the other man. It is just ridiculous.

I also don't see how you can compare what Ammon Bundy is doing to Black Lives Matter or any other kind of peaceful protest.

The joke I was tempted to make in this issue, but didn't, was that it is good to be white in this country. If these protesters were any other race, they would be shot for less. 

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