Tuesday, December 22, 2015

For San Bernardino...

For Paris, for MetroJet Flight 9268 I put forth this comic:

 I know that this is perhaps a delayed response to Daesh's barbaric actions. Each of the attacks mentioned above are not things that have happened immediately in the past. There are times when the biweekly release schedule does not allow me to be as nimble as I would like. I wanted to push back against surveillance, and to speak against Climate Change. Tonight I mock Daesh. I wanted to do this because of their barbarism.

I criticize my own government. I do it often. I criticize people who are on the other side of the political spectrum, and I do that often. I even occasionally criticize those with whom I would mostly agree. When I mock them, it is just that. It is criticism. Perhaps harsh criticism, but with a certain amount of respect.

For Daesh, I go beyond criticism. With Daesh I am expressing my utter condemnation of and scorn for their worldview. I reserve such scorn exclusively for those who murder and commit human rights abuses against others. Particularly those who warp an otherwise admirable philosophy in that pursuit.

I can say a lot of nasty things about my own government, but no one is going to arrest me for doing so. Despite my government's history of sometimes grievous actions against peaceful dissidents, no one is going to behead me for my liberal beliefs and worldview. That is what distinguishes us from Daesh and why I agree with my president and my congressional leaders: Daesh must be condemned by all Americans, and all people around the world who believe in human dignity.

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