Friday, October 16, 2015

Stretching the Truth on a Job Interview...

This comic is obviously directed at the tendacy of politicians seeking office to lie and reverse their positions. I decided to do this comic to put one out there that perhaps conservatives could enjoy in addition to liberals, who I would assume make up the majority of people who dig my comics. I like it when conservatives tell me they can enjoy my comics because they call out politicians.

In its original inception, this comic specifically called out Hillary Clinton for flip flopping on the TPP. She has moved to the left on a lot of issues but the TPP seemed blatant to me. I broadened the comic because I realized that the GOP candidiates are doing it as well.

So is Bernie Sanders, so are all the presidential candidates. It is just part of the game.

I picked the metaphor of a job interview because I believe that dishonesty there can be countered. As much as my comics strike a cynical tone, I do believe the system can work if we put some effort into it.

In 2012, before I decided to cancel Rick, I was going to do some comics in defense of voting, in defense of being involved of politics. Comics defending the idea of being able to create real change. I intend to make comics with that topic for the 2016 elections instead.

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