Friday, October 2, 2015

Climate Change Comics

Tonight's Vociferation is about Climate Change. I intend to do more comics about the subject while leading up to the Paris Climate Change talks.

This comic was brought on by the criticism Republicans laid upon the Pope for speaking on the topic. Republicans said the Pope should stick to religious matters. I say that Climate Change is a religious matter. It is a religious matter because it is a moral matter. Climate Change will exacerbate poverty around the world if it is not addressed. Climate Change is a concern for anyone who considers themself a humanist, regardless of whether or not that humanism derrives from a secular source or a religous one.

I don't agree with the Pope on a few social issues, but I do think he is spot on with his views on Climate Change, and several other topics.

I also don't get this retort from candidates that they are not scientists and therefore do not have an opinion on the climate. Not a single one of the Republican candidates is a retired general, and yet they all have an opinion on military strategy. Not one of them is an economist and they all talk about how to stimulate the economy. A shrewd leader surrounds himself with experts to advise him on how to handle subjects which do not align with his areas of expertise. A shred leader educates himself. Much like Abraham Lincoln in the Civil War. Lincoln had no military experience on the outset of the war and it showed. He made many mistakes in the beginning, but he educated himself, he found the right people, and ultimately lead his country to victory.

I also find it strange Republicans duck the science because the science is basic. They aren't being asked about quantam mechnanics. It is Climate Change. You can look at the ice caps and glaciers around the world and see that something is amiss. You can look at the migratory patterns of animals and see that there is something strange going on. It just boggles my mind.

Even though I disagree with it, I somewhat understand the reluctance to act on the basis of economic concerns. I still think that shows a weakness, though. An ideal president is one who can weigh many different concerns against one another and still get things done. An good president must juggle many different concerns all at once and not fail to address any one of them.

The Republican presidental candidates fail on all of the above.

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