Friday, September 18, 2015

Religous Freedom is not your Get Out of Jail Free Card

This is obviously a dig at Kim Davis and people like her. It seems to me that people like Kim Davis is very selective in which Bibilical laws they follow, and what science is valid. I doubt most on the Christian right believe that the Earth is flat or that the sun revolves around the Earth, even though those ideas are clearly supported by the Bible. Why then do they reject the overwhelming empirical evidence that homosexuality is not a lifestyle choice?

Why is it that marriage is a crisis but the fact that large numbers of citizens in our society work on the sabbath is not? The sabbath was included in the Ten Commandments and were a big deal to God in the Old Testament.

If the Christian Right really thinks that the Bible is infalible and the word of God, then why do they pick and chose what they want to follow out of that book? 

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