Friday, September 4, 2015

My thoughts on Obamacare

Here is another liberal comic. If there is one thing I miss about Rick during it's brief stint as a twice weekly comic is that I could cover more obscure topics. Even doing Rick weekly, I could mix it up and even do a few comics conservatives could enjoy. With Vociferations I basically only do the headlines.

This comic is merely about how people criticize Obamacare despite liking many facets of the law. I think it is fairly common knowledge amongst the politically active.

I personally experienced this at my job during our open enrollment. Everyone was so pleased about all the new preventitive care without realizing where it came from. I myself have personally benefited from the provision of the law which enables me to stay on my parent's plan. As someone in my early twenties trying to get started in life, that tenant of the law has helped me imensely.

This comic touches on something which annoys me: when people take political positions without knowing their facts, such as the Obamacare example. I feel like I spend more time trying to correct what I see as misconceptions(I do admittedly mostly do this against conservative principles. These comics do respresent my opinions and are biased after all. Though, I do try and present things which are factually accurate.) than outright stating my beliefs. I would rather put out a comic advocating for a single payer health plan than defending Obamacare. That's the plan I would support.

Still, I don't like the myth making, and while there are several facets of the Affordable Care Act I could criticize, I can't deny it has had a positive impact on many Americans. I am personally opposed to the idea of an individual mandate, but it offends me that it was called unconstitutional. Maybe it was not the most effective means of extending coverage, but you can't just call something unconstitutional just because it is unpleasant. To do so cheapens that word and makes it harder to call the government out on the true excesses of power it commits.

That is the true danger of our current political climate where misinformation and hyperbolic insults thrive.

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