Friday, July 24, 2015

From Armed Robber to Con Artist

This comic is about my thoughts on the Greek Debt Crisis. I don't approve of how Greece is being treated by the Trokia.

I try to stick to US politics, because that's what I have a stake in. This week, however, I really wasn't feeling it with US issues. I didn't want to knock Donald Trump twice, Climate Change and the Iran Deal I just struggled to think of anything on. I had one idea but it just wouldn't work.

Then I got into a discussion about politics, how I am surprised I test as so far to the bottom left on the political compass test. It made me think of positions I have which are actually radical. My view on Globalization is one such view.

I actually think Globalization would be a positive thing if done correctly. I don't care for Neoliberalism or the United Nations in many respects. I am disappointed with them merely because I see them as the first admirable but flawed steps towards a more global system. Globalism is a new idea and as such, the first instutitions built upon that idea were sure too be flawed. They were destined to have too much of the mentality of empire, too much inequality. I feel like we need to strengthen global institutions and make them more equal. Less predatory.

My idea was that the Greek Debt Crisis exemplies this. I feel like what is being done to Greece today is what would have been done by conqeust a hundred years ago. The problem isn't nessecarily violence in my view, we must also expunge the idea that it is a zero sum game and that one country should be able to bankrupt another for fincial gain.

That is where this comic came from. I think I wrote it two days ago. It finally came to me.

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