Friday, May 29, 2015

The Patriot Act has a special place in my heart.

The Patriot Act has a special place in my heart. Not because I like the bill. I have a strong dislike for it, in fact.

The Patriot Act is one of the first bills I disliked enough to start getting more political with my art. It is part of the reason I wanted to do satire to begin with. I stand fully with Rand Paul on this one and I hope the bill does sunset. I hope it isn't replaced with something equally bad or worse.

I considered doing a lot of things in this strip. First it was going to be the TPP, until I found out that congress and the public will get a chance to read it before it is put to a vote. I still don't like what the copyright provisions supposedly are, so I didn't do a comic against the misconception I just mentioned. Nonetheless, I did not want to do the TPP.

I then decided I should do the Patriot Act. It ties in nicely with the themes of Ostraka and I have disliked that bill for a long time. I went through easily a half dozen ideas for this comic and thought about abandoning it in favor of doing a comic against capital punishment.

Ultimately though, I went with the Patriot Act. I hope that bill sunsets, and I hope it signifies the beginning of the process to rollback some of the areas where the War on Terror has gone overboard in curtailing civil liberties.

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