Friday, April 3, 2015

The Christian Right does not agree with my definition of "Freedom"

This issue is about a ballot initiative to repeal Springfield, MO's non-discrimination ordinance specifically, and about Indiana and Arkansas more generally.

I mentioned in a post before that I regretted not being more vocal in my support for gay marriage in the past, so of course I must criticize these "religious freedom" laws.

I do not agree with the Christian Right that their religion gives them the right to discriminate against Homosexuals.

I still think that the Christian Right is standing on the wrong side of history, I still think that the momentum is against them, but, I think it is important to speak out in this case. They are getting laws passed. The Christian Right possesses political power in this country outsized to the general population. It is a good lesson in why we need to be more politically active. That way one or two radical groups cannot control our government.

It sickens me that the local slogan for our anti-discrimination ordinance is "faith, family, freedom", again, I strongly disagree with the notion of religious freedom being put forth here. Especially when they are trying to deny the freedom of others. If someone is paying you for a service, it in no way implies you endorse them by providing it.

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