Friday, March 20, 2015

What Historians will say about this period of History one hundred years from now

This comic is of course about the court case that McDonalds and other companies have launched against the city of Seattle over Seattle's minimum wage ordinance. I disagree with the current legal thinking which grants corporations extended rights.

I do not find corporations to be evil, personally. I view them in much the same way as the government. It is something which can be useful, which can make our country better and stronger. It is, however, also a source of power for a small group of individuals. In order to have a healthy Democracy, any source of power wielded by a privileged few must be checked against.

I prefer more the fifties model of corporate culture. It seems that the economy worked well for corporations then and also for the everyday American as well. The model we seem to be emulating right now is the late 1800s model. I have no taste for that.

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