Friday, February 6, 2015

My take on Anti Vaxers

My take on vaccines is that the movement against them is ludicrous and that any rational human being would get their kids vaccinated. Listening to the February 5th episode of Democracy Now!, I was astonished at the number of misconceptions thrown out by Mary Holland.

She disputes that herd immunity exists, and seems to not even understand what herd immunity means. She argues we can not eliminate diseases with vaccines when clearly the fact Smallpox is nonexistent shows that this is the case. She speaks like an authority on medicine when her degrees have nothing to do with medicine. The arguments she throws out for why the MMR vaccine are ridiculous.

Yes, in rare instances vaccines can have bad side effects. There is no concrete evidence they cause autism, but they can have rare side effects. If you compare the rates of metal disability from Measles to vaccines, however, there is no contest. Measles causes far more deaths and disabilities than vaccines ever have. I found maybe one cause of a death attributable to a vaccine in my research as compared to the cumulative thousands Measles has caused throughout human history.

I have no patience with anti vaxers and the misery they are causing by bring these childhood illnesses back into existence.

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