Saturday, September 21, 2013

Con Nachzehrer(Plus Geek Force Update)

Two weeks ago Geek Force debuted our new webcomic: Con Nachzehrer. Con Nachzehrer is much less political than our last project Rick, the Crpytozoologist. In fact, it's hardly political at all.

As was done with Rick, going forward every other issue of Con Nachzehrer will be uploaded here on Blogger.

A note on Geek Force, the Webcomic. I don't know yet when it will be released, but, Geek Force will use the same techniques as Con Nachzehrer for it's artwork. So, consider the above a rough preview of what Geek Force will look like. The only difference is Geek Force's color palette will be muted in comparison to Con Nachzehrer's and the shading will be different.

Xenpsychous is going for a pulpy feel for Geek Force.

Now that Xenpsychous has refined the method used for the art on Con Nachzehrer, his big challenge is making the method suitable for Geek Force. Where Con Nachzehrer has four panels, an issue of Geek Force will have 260, and Xenpsychous wants to do 12-17 issues of Geek Force a year.

At this point, it looks like Geek Force will debut some time in 2014.

To read the other two issues of Con Nachzehrer, visit

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