Sunday, February 3, 2013

Site Update

Greetings to everyone who still visits this webpage despite it being devoid of content right now. This is Redphantom here, dropping in to give an update on the status of the site.
Firstly, I must address my last posting. I promised to upload a ranting shortly after it was posted. I did not, and I apologize for that. The months after Rick, I was burned out on doing creative work which carried a deadline. I'm still unsure as to my abilities on this front, so this time I will promise no such update. I am very busy, currently, and enjoying being back to getting unhealthy amounts of sleep and barely being able to function as a human being.

How can I be so busy when I haven't updated the site in six months? That's a good question. My next project has a much longer lead time than our previous ones. I have stayed mum about it because I'm not sure it will go through, and I'm still not sure how long it will take to produce.

The next project the site will host will be the rebooted Geek Force, the Webcomic. I am taking time to make sure that this time the art is up to par, which was a major weakness of the first Geek Force. I am also trying to find a schedule that will be realistic enough to enable the comic to be released to deadline this time. I'm confident that if the comic can overcome these weaknesses it can be more successful than the first Geek Force, the Webcomic.

When Geek Force returns, it will be in installments that are 20-26 pages long, and will be released in “Seasons” Season One Part One has been in production for about three weeks now(Before that I was writing a half a season) but due to me being new at some of the software involved, production is going agonizingly slow. I was gunning for an April 2013 release to mark the fifth anniversary of the site, but it now looks more like Geek Force will be released in Fall or Winter of 2013.

This is not a guarantee of anything. I am not sure if Geek Force will make it through. My big obstacle now is speeding up the process.

The art for the new comic will be done via DAZ Studio and Blender. DAZ to make the characters, and Blender to make the props, settings, and certain character accessories. Then GIMP is being used to convert the art to 2D, and for post effects. I'm still new at DAZ and Blender. I think I can 3D model well enough to make the art up to par. I've been encouraged thus far by the early results.

Hopefully, in a couple of weeks or so, I will have enough art finished I can post some of it. Until then, I will try to keep the site updated with my progress.

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