Thursday, May 19, 2011

Nuclear Power

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This issue plugs nuclear power as a viable alternative to oil. Disagreeing with his fellow Liberals, and with all due respect to the victims of the horrible accident at Fukushima's nuclear power plant, Redphantom is still a proponent of nuclear power. Redphantom agrees, steps must be taken to make it safer, and to get profit out of it. There is also an issue of waste. Albert Einstein was quoted as saying, "Nuclear power is one hell of a way to boil water." True, but the sad thing is, solar cannot generate more energy right now, or enough. The same goes for wind power. And burning water is a hell of a lot safer than burning oil. Fukushima made parts of Japan, and perhaps even China unsafe, Chernobyl made Europe and Russia unsafe, Three Mile Island made parts of the United States unsafe. These accidents causes thousands of diseases, but so does petroleum. Petroleum makes the entire world unsafe and covers it in a thick haze. We should use nuclear as a bridge, and then, once wind and solar are honed, phase it out. Then we must clean our waste, and beforehand, make all of our reactors safe. They must not be built in hazardous areas, in much the same way we must be careful, until we can abandon it, where we drill for oil.

Also, I did this one right after the Fukushima incident. I stand by nuclear power.

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